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We need your help to understand the kinds of resources that might be most valuable to the urban policy research community.

Our survey asks you to identify the documents, themes and sources in urban policy and planning in Australia that you regard as interesting - or having high research or historical value.

We will use the results of this survey to undertake a significance assessment of available resources, to help us define our collection priorities. We will also test our findings with invited informants from each State and Territory.


About the Urban PolicyHub project

Australian Policy Online is curating an open access collection of historic and contemporary urban policy resources in collaboration with University partners.

This project is supported by an ARC LIEF 2016 grant: #LE160100221.


Collecting high-value resources for urban policy research

The project seeks to support  the Australian research community to access and analyse key planning documents and data in new ways, putting contemporary urban planning issues in historical context.

To do this, we will expand the APO Urban Policy & Practice Collection with high-value historic and contemporary urban policy reports, plans and data-sets. These resources will be digitised, organised and made accessible to researchers and the public.


Project partners

The collection is supported by the Centre for Urban Research at RMIT University and the Henry Halloran Trust at the University of Sydney, as part of the Australian Policy Online ARC Linked Data II Project.


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