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3 Aug 2017

With state and federal governments focused on big-ticket medical spending, can local initiatives fill the gaps?

1 May 2013

It’s a story that wouldn’t normally make the headlines. A middle-aged man in a central Queensland town found himself stacking on a lot of weight unusually quickly. His blood pressure was on the rise, and he struggled to get a good night’s sleep. His diagnosis,...

7 Mar 2013

AS RESEARCH projects go, it probably didn’t sound too earth-shattering for the volunteers who offered to help. Apart from demonstrating their good health, they simply had to give blood, stool and saliva samples, as well as have swabs taken from various locations on their bodies....

9 Oct 2012

In 1990 a research team began tracking a group of babies born in two inner suburbs of Melbourne. Their latest results paint a complex picture, writes Melissa Sweet for APO and Inside Story

JENNIFER sits poised on the edge of a...

5 Jun 2012

The principles behind an American campaign to reduce unnecessary and often expensive medical interventions are gaining support in Australia, writes Melissa Sweet in Inside Story

ON A WET, miserable evening in Sydney not so long ago, a panel of academics came together...

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