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27 Jul 2017

The word ‘innovation’ is seemingly everywhere in governments. It is often seen as a way of addressing pressing public policy challenges, and governments are increasingly turning to new innovation policies and innovation ‘units’ or ‘labs’. Yet amidst all this enthusiasm for innovation, there is...

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10 Jun 2017

Governments are increasingly turning to public sector innovation (PSI) labs to take new approaches to policy and service design.

This turn towards PSI labs, which has accelerated in more recent years, has been linked to a number of trends. These include growing interest in evidence-based...

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16 Apr 1998

Will the current superannuation arrangements in Australia provide adequate retirement incomes for women? To address this question, this paper provides estimates of how much superannuation low, medium and high income women can expect to accumulate over their working lives. The estimates are based...

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