Government of the Northern Territory

Discussion paper

20 Oct 2017

This resource aims to harmonise land use planning with the government’s overall strategy for developing the Northern Territory.

Discussion paper

11 Sep 2017

Territorians are being encouraged to help shape the digital future of the Northern Territory by having their say on this government discussion paper.


15 Jun 2015

This site brings together information about the most effective ways to engage with people in remote communities.

The ideas, tools and information here come from a range of sources, including interstate and overseas — and of course, the Northern Territory. They are based on...


7 Oct 2014

'Tune in to Little Ones' (TILO) was developed by the Northern Territory Government, Department of Children and Families as part of an initiative to focus on the longer term safety and wellbeing of infants less than two years old. The kit comprises a resource manual,...

Research report

7 Feb 2014

This draft report into Indigenous education in the Northern Territory recommends a comprehensive overhaul of bush schooling, and invites the public to make submissions.


The Northern Territory government commissioned an independent review of Indigenous education in 2013 to get an informed...


16 Jul 2012

Beginning in 2006 all schools were required to start reporting to the Australian Government on the National safe Schools Framework(NSSF) via their education sector. This is submitted to the Australian Government as part of the Annual National report.

There are several key elements of...

Research report

12 Apr 2012

Young people in the Northern Territory are three and a half times more likely to commit suicide than young people nationally and 75% of all child suicides in the Northern Territory between 2007 and 2011 are by Indigenous youth.

The rate of...

Research report

16 Mar 2012

The report provides an overview of hospital admissions in the five NT public hospitals for the period from 1976 to 2008. Information is provided on trends in hospital separation rates and length of stay for both NT Indigenous and non-Indigenous populations. Information on total admissions...


2 Feb 2011

This information provides specific guidelines to schools for implementation of policy, programs and practice to meet local and system performance goals and targets, including those set by the NT and Australian Governments. School improvement requires a professional commitment to problem solving, innovation, critical...

Research report

19 Oct 2010

A focus on prevention, collaboration, greater Aboriginal involvement and control of service delivery, and strengthening families and systems are at the heart of recommendations by the Inquiry into the Child Protection System in the Northern Territory.

In addressing what it described as the...