Psychosocial Factors at Work in the Asia Pacific: From Theory to Practice
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Dr Akhito Shimazu, Prof Rusli Bin Nordin, Prof Maureen Dollard, Dr Jodi Oakman

A new book presenting innovative research from the Asia Pacific region addresses a gap in the global stock of knowledge about psychosocial factors at work. This publication provides a state-of-the-art review of the national status of psychosocial factors, interventions, legislation, frameworks, research and common perceptions of workers and workplaces in the Asia Pacific countries. It also highlights innovations in research methods for studying psychosocial factors at work, covering topics such as momentary assessment of phenomena and time lags in longitudinal research.

The book introduces exciting new research on workaholism, bullying, work demands classifications, and psychosocial safety climate.

Insights regarding workplace psychosocial factors, worker health and well-being have evolved mainly within North American and European cultural contexts and developed industrial countries. This state-of-the-art account of knowledge development in the Asia Pacific region will stimulate new insights for researchers and policy makers to improve the quality of workers’ lives worldwide. This very informative book highlights the significance and uniqueness of job stress problems encountered by workers of different countries in the Asia Pacific region.