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22 Oct 2013

The idea of maritime border protection has been prominent in recent Australian political discourse because of its coincidence with asylum seekers arriving at Australian territories by boat. Yet this construct is misleading. There is no maritime “border” and asylum boats, although the current challenge are...


2 Aug 2011

Report after report into Australia's defence bureaucracy has revealed a culture which is dysfunctional and prone to making mistakes.

Expensive mistakes: billions of dollars have been spent on military hardware which have been an ongoing headache for the country's top military brass and their...


9 Jun 2008

This paper calls for the establishment of a new statutory authority, the Australian Coast Guard, out of the current Border Protection Command that is directly responsible to a Minister for the assessment of intelligence, planning and implementation of operations and future improvements to maritime border...



27 Oct 2005

The political process is being used to wage a civil war in Iraq, writes Derek Woolner

WHY are Australian troops in Iraq? Currently the government argues, along with its coalition partners, that they are there to prevent the situation worsening. Australian Defence Force deployments...



12 Mar 2004

Misjudged action may undermine the alliance, argues Derek Woolner

IN ITS ADVICE to the Howard government before the war against Iraq, the Defence Intelligence Organisation judged that Iraq might not have built any weapons of mass destruction after 1991. From holding a similarly...

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