Humanities, arts and social sciences: it’s everybody’s business

30 Oct 2016


This book has been published on behalf of the Council for the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences.

CHASS promotes and supports the humanities, arts and social sciences (HASS) in Australia, and represents an important networking forum for teachers, researchers, pro- fessionals, practitioners and policy makers across the sector. With more than 70 member organisations, CHASS helps to contribute to public debate through programmes for knowledge exchange and media awareness. CHASS membership reflects the increasing focus and importance of trans-disciplinary research and collaboration, with member organisations engaged in initiatives tackling the major challenges that face Australia, and working in partnership with traditional science areas and industry bodies. In producing this pocket book, featuring a range of essays by prominent Australian and international researchers, CHASS’s goal is to illustrate the diverse ways in which, as Robyn Archer points out in the Foreword, the humanities, arts and social sciences provide essential services to all citizens in all walks of life.