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11 Dec 2017

This report tracks Tasmania’s progress towards the attainment of improved results in jobs, construction, exports, new businesses, housing, health status and educational achievement.


6 Jun 2017

Is Australia doing enough to reduce inequality?


23 Mar 2017

Australia’s retirement income system has long implicitly taken it for granted that the vast majority of retired people will have very low housing costs – in turn reflecting a presumption that most of them will own their own homes, and will have fully paid down...

Research report

14 Dec 2016

It is with great pleasure and pride that I introduce this second TCCI Tasmania Report to you. It is remarkable both in the quality of the data and the themes identified as well as the unique partnership that makes the funding of the report possible....


12 May 2016

Falling home ownership rates are bad for households and bad for the economy. Governments are starting to respond, but much more can be done

“A home of one’s own” – often described as the Great Australian Dream – is not a uniquely Australian...

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