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The Child Poverty Monitor and this Technical Report provide data on a set of indicators that assess aspects of child poverty in New Zealand and their implications for child wellbeing. In it are data on income and non-income measures of poverty, including measures that reflect increasing levels of severity. Other data include indicators related to health, living conditions, education, and a selection of economic measures used to assess how well we are doing as a nation that are relevant to the wellbeing of children and their families. The Child Poverty Monitor is a partnership comprising the Office of the Children’s Commissioner, the University of Otago’s New Zealand Child and Youth Epidemiology Service (NZCYES) and the JR McKenzie Trust. The purpose is to compile and share robust information on child poverty measures that are publicly available and easily accessible. Only by having the essential measures on child poverty in New Zealand compiled, published and disseminated annually can we tell how well we are progressing in effectively reducing child poverty in our nation.


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