2016-17 mid-year economic and fiscal outlook: charts

A graphical summary of the 2016-17 MYEFO relative to the 2016-17 budget, showing the impacts of policy decisions and other factors
12 January 2017

Data contained in these charts are primarily based on information published in the 2016–17 MYEFO, as well as the 2016–17 Budget, the 2015–16 Final Budget Outcome and government agency annual reports.  Where applicable, additional information provided by agencies has supplemented the publicly available information.

At the aggregate level the underlying cash balance, total receipts, and total payments charts have been prepared on a cash basis.  Charts on individual revenue heads and expenditure programs have been prepared on an accruals basis (apart from the Higher Education Loan Programme and Official Development Assistance), consistent with the presentation of decisions in the Budget papers.

Consistent with MYEFO, the charts show the financial impact of policy decisions up to and including 2019–20.  The charts show movements due to parameter and other variations since the 2016–17 Budget, which are available for the 2016–17 to 2019–20 years. 

The PBO does not have access to the details of provisions for individual items in the Contingency Reserve.  Accordingly, the charts in this report are subject to the qualification that they are prepared in the absence of information on the possible impact of any provisions in the Contingency Reserve.

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