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Research report

3 May 2010

This project focuses on the housing experiences and outcomes of young people leaving state care. It is the first Australian study to specifically examine the connection between accommodation and young people's transition to independent living. The project aims to inform policy and service practice to...

Discussion paper

3 May 2010

This study is concerned with questions about the purpose of regulatory frameworks; the impact of regulation, especially impacts on service outcomes and organisational culture; and the development of effective regulation.

The objective of this positioning paper is to review the potential strengths...

Research report

19 Apr 2010

This research is to undertake a comparative analysis of Indigenous homelessness in the contrasting settings of major cities and regional country town centres.

The research sought to compare the understandings of Indigenous homelessness held by Indigenous homeless people, and those of the providers of...

Research report

29 Mar 2010

This is the second and final report on the problem of mortgage default in Australia. An earlier positioning paper (Berry et al., 2009) presented, in detail, a range of issues, views, evidence and potential policy directions concerning this subject. Both reports are to be read...

Research report

15 Mar 2010

This research responds to a research question in the Housing and Ageing research area of the 2007 AHURI Research Agenda which asks the following questions: ‘What are the types, sizes and locations of dwellings occupied by older home owners? How do these patterns vary for...

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