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28 Sep 2016

The effect of house prices on households’ financial decisions has been an important question facing researchers and policy-makers. Increases in house prices may lead households to take on additional debt, refinance an existing mortgage, or change the composition of the debt held. Studies of labour...

Research report

21 Sep 2016

This report examined the notion of an efficient housing market and identified key indicators of housing system efficiency, responsiveness, and risk. It examined implications of particular housing supply settings and outcomes to understand economic productivity and participation at regional and local scales.

This study...


5 Sep 2016

Dr Ian Winter introduces the one-day conference, at the iconic Adelaide Oval on Wednesday 19 October 2016, investigating the future of housing assistance in Australia.

Research report

31 Aug 2016

Policy-makers have long understood the relationship between housing and the economy through the multiplier effects of housing investment on national income and employment. There has, in contrast, been little regard to the longer term productivity and growth impacts of housing. Housing advocates and policy-makers usually...

Research report

30 Aug 2016

This report considers the findings from an evidence-based policy inquiry into individualised forms of housing assistance which assessed whether their implementation could lead to improved services and better outcomes for low-income and vulnerable households. It sets out future policy options arising from the research and...

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