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16 Aug 2010

The principle of political equality has always been central to democracy and to the way democracy was understood by the democratic reformers of mid-19 th Century Australia. The Australasian colonies were regarded as being in the vanguard of democratic innovation and at the end of...

Briefing paper

12 Aug 2010

This briefing paper puts some of the issues covered in the United Nations Environment Program's Green Economy Report (699) in an Australian context and provides a primer to the challenges involved in transforming our economy to operate within environmental limits.

It also presents a...


12 Jul 2010

This chapter from More than luck argues that it is time Australia revised its cultural policy and questions the current role of the Australia Council.

In early 2010, more than 15,000 people gathered on Bourke Street in front of Victoria’s Parliament building to register...

Conference paper

16 Dec 2009

The current 'future of journalism' debates focus on the crossover (or lack thereof) of mainstream journalism practices and citizen journalism, the 'democratisation' of journalism, and the 'crisis in innovation' around the 'death of newspapers'. This paper analyses a cohort of 20 investigative journalists to understand...


28 Oct 2009

In the national interest and in their professional interest, pharmacists must participate in the transformation of our health sector from a sickness to a wellness model, argues the author.

The 5000 pharmacies on high street are a highly accessible and high profile resource, more...

Research report

28 Oct 2009

The authors of this paper propose the establishment of local Regional Health Organisations (RHOs) across Australia, with each responsible for the health care needs of a defined population within their region.

Australia's unique geography and federated system of governance has, over time, led to...

Research report

22 Jul 2009

The National Health & Hospital Reform Commission's report is due soon, but one issue is barely on the radar - the growing proportion of health funding that is coming out of patients' own pockets. This paper puts forward ideas to improve Australia's health copayments system....

Research report

25 Mar 2009

As Australia enters recession and the Budget enters deficit, one of the least effective and most unfair forms of government spending has increased dramatically. Tax expenditures (in the form of tax breaks on superannuation, the private health insurance and childcare rebates, housing concessions etc) are...

Research report

5 Nov 2008

Australia is sitting pretty with plantations making possible native forest protection for immediate and significant reductions in our net greenhouse gas emissions. But good policy requires proposals to cover plantations in the emissions trading scheme be immediately nipped in the bud, according to this paper....

Research report

21 Oct 2008

All of us, even bankers, financial counsellors and finance lecturers, make poor financial (and other) decisions from time to time. Understanding the basis of our irrationality has always been important, but it has assumed greater importance over the last twenty to thirty years, which have...

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