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Jenny Lewis

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27 Jul 2017

The word ‘innovation’ is seemingly everywhere in governments. It is often seen as a way of addressing pressing public policy challenges, and governments are increasingly turning to new innovation policies and innovation ‘units’ or ‘labs’. Yet amidst all this enthusiasm for innovation, there is...

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Research report

20 Oct 2009


The frontline delivery of welfare-to-work services for the unemployed has changed significantly over the past ten years in response to structural and ideological pressures. Using benchmark data collected ten years ago, the Activating States project aims to analyse whether and how the...

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03 Apr 2008

Delegates to the 2020 summit should heed the advice of The West Wing's Leo McGarry, argues JENNY LEWIS.

BEING a keen observer, researcher and teacher of public policy is the best job in the world when there is a new prime minister with a clear intention to change...