Elizabeth (Beth) Webster

First Name: Elizabeth (Beth)
Last Name: Webster
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16 May 2016

Which industry sectors will drive Australia’s future growth and create new job opportunities?

1 May 2016

The recently released Productivity Commission report on the Australian intellectual property system is far from radical, but if implemented it would improve the environment for the creation and...

19 October 2011

This report defines enduring principles to underpin the long-term funding of Australian higher education as well as specific recommendations and options for a reformed funding model.


17 September 2010

This survey and report follows a similar survey undertaken in 2000 to assess the ongoing importance of the Australia-Japan trade and investment relationship as perceived by Australian companies....

18 May 2009

Recent reviews and policy discussions of the various IP systems have consistently lamented the lack of hard data on the extent of the problem of infringement

, what it costs and...

3 September 2008

This paper analyses the effect of raising the inventive step requirements in the Patents Act 1990 on Australia's position in the global supply chain. In particular, it considers the likely effects...

28 August 2008

New figures reveal a very patchy performance, write PAUL JENSON and ELIZABETH WEBSTER

THERE are only two ways a country can sustain increases in productivity over time: through enhancing...

Discussion paper
1 December 2001

A. M. Dockery and Beth Webster write that the incidence of very long term unemployment has risen by nearly 1 percent per annum every year since the late 1970s. Their analysis identifies five...