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16 May 2016

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has welcomed Australia’s current economic transition, calling it an ‘exciting time’ for the country and an opportunity for innovators.

But as the mining investment boom ends, are the foundations in place for a stronger, more diversified Australian economy?




1 May 2016

The recently released Productivity Commission report on the Australian intellectual property system is thorough and measured. Its recommendations are far from radical but if implemented would improve the environment for the creation and use of knowledge-based products in Australia. Currently, too many parts of the...

Research report

19 Oct 2011

This report defines enduring principles to underpin the long-term funding of Australian higher education as well as specific recommendations and options for a reformed funding model.

Australia’s future social and economic development depends on having an educated and highly skilled community, delivering creativity, innovation...

Research report

17 Sep 2010

In view of the ongoing importance of the Australia-Japan trade and investment relationship and the need to maintain an in-depth understanding of the nature of this relationship for policy guidance and further engagement with Japan, the Australia–Japan Foundation (AJF) funded this research investigating Australian companies’...

Research report

18 May 2009

Recent reviews and policy discussions of the various IP systems have consistently lamented the lack of hard data on the extent of the problem of infringement

, what it costs and whom it affects, how firms respond, and how successful existing systems for IP...


3 Sep 2008

This paper analyses the effect of raising the inventive step requirements in the Patents Act 1990 on Australia?s position in the global supply chain. In particular, it considers the likely effects on the intentions of foreign multinational enterprises (MNEs) to invest in Australia and the...



28 Aug 2008

New figures reveal a very patchy performance, write PAUL JENSON and ELIZABETH WEBSTER

THERE are only two ways a country can sustain increases in productivity over time: through enhancing its skill base or by innovating more successfully. While Australia's performance on skill development is...

Discussion paper

1 Dec 2001

A. M. Dockery and Beth Webster write that the incidence of very long term unemployment has risen by nearly 1 percent per annum every year since the late 1970s. Their analysis identifies five different clusters of work deprived individuals. Policy suggestions include more targetted assistance...

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