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23 Nov 2017

This report looks at how emerging trends like an increasingly competitive job and education market, growth in digital technology, globalisation and an increasingly culturally diverse society impacts young people from refugee and migrant backgrounds.

Research report

9 May 2016

Selandra Rise is a new housing development located in Melbourne’s south-east growth corridor, where residents have bought land and built new houses over a period of several years. This research project aimed to discover how design and planning of a new residential community could improve...


10 Nov 2015

No country in the world has a national, evidence-based road map to prevent violence against women and their children in a coordinated way. Our Watch partnered with VicHealth and ANROWS to create Change the story: A shared framework for the primary prevention of violence against...

Research report

24 Sep 2015

Violence against women is widely recognised as a global issue. It is an often invisible, but common form of violence, and an insidious violation of human rights. It has serious impacts on the health and wellbeing of those affected and exacts significant economic costs on...

Literature review


1 Sep 2015

This report provides an overview of the evidence base on work in health promotion settings that addresses the social determinants of health inequities. The review identifies key aspects of ‘what works’ to reduce health inequities in settings through focussing on social determinants of health. It...


14 Jul 2015

A toolkit for workplaces to promote gender equality and respectful relationships as well as a practical guide for leaders, teams and individuals to drive change in their workplace.


We know that attitudes which support a lack of equality and respect are...

Research report

14 Apr 2015

This report looks at the life transition period between childhood and adolescence, and the critical windows of opportunity to influence healthy behaviour.


With almost one in four Australian children overweight or obese and one in three expected to be by 2025,...

Research report

8 Dec 2014

Presents findings on Victorian community attitudes towards racism, race, ethnicity and culture.

Executive summary

Victoria has a strong track record of nurturing cultural diversity and working towards equality for all. However, prejudice, racebased discrimination and intolerance remain common, resulting in negative health,...

Research report

14 Oct 2014

This study investigated the role that parental fear plays in shaping children’s independence and physical activity, to find solutions to help parents give their children greater freedom.


To investigate the role that parental fear plays in shaping children’s independence and physical...

Research report

23 Sep 2014

Overview: Selected findings from a national survey examining social norms, attitudes and beliefs toward alcohol and intoxication among Victorians aged 16 years and older.

To encourage a better drinking culture among young people aged 16-29, VicHealth, in partnership with the State Government, has...

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