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APO Website and Database Redesign

A new visual design, database upgrade and data hosting capabilities will be launched over Easter (we hope!)

The APO team has been working very hard on a new visual design, database upgrade and enhancing APO's capacity to host data sets as well as documents.

For the visual redesign and information architecture we have been working with the team at Webplace Digital Design Agency. It will be an ongoing process with more sections of the site to do in house but we now have a beautiful new home page, collection pages and resource pages as well as a mobile responsive and AA accessible design.   

The database upgrade has involved reviewing almost every aspect of how we do things from the metadata schema and taxonomies to the whole database structure and even hosting. The new schema focuses on entity models and collections and incorporates the principles of linked data so that APO will be increasingly able to benefit from interoperability with other systems and continually improve discovery and access to policy research. 

While the database does have some datasets already the metadata required for data hosting is more extensive and somewhat different to documents. It has been interesting to discover as part of this project that there are few repositories hosting both but that everyone would like to be able to easily connect the two so we are exploring new territory in trying to develop a single solution. 

This project is supported by the Australian National Data Service as part of their High Value Collections program and it has been great to be able to extend APO's capacities in this direction. We will be testing the system in a few weeks once the database is upgraded and would like some volunteers who would be willing to test the system. If you are interested or would like to know more please email editor@apo.org.au

Here is a sneak preview of the new look we are going for. Keep in mind that these designs are still subject to change:


A big thank you to everyone who participated in the design workshops, the online survey and other discussions and advice provided. It has been a very exciting journey to get this far and we look forward to continuing to work with our readers, partners, publishers and advertisers to make sure APO works well for you and your work. 

The APO team