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WSU library staff first APO 'trusted contributors'

APO was recently invited to present at the Research Community Support Day held as a satellite event to ALIA's Information Online conference in February. Institutional repositories and university librarians are keen to know how they can help support researchers to achieve engagement and impact as part of new criteria being developed by the ARC. Many in the audience were interested in how APO can help with this so it was a great opportunity to share what we are doing (you can see the slides here). In turn APO is keen to work with university staff who are expert curators and can become trusted contributors. 

Susan Robbins and the library team at WSU are leading the charge and have become the first 'trusted contributors' on APO, meaning they can bypass the APO moderation system and upload and publish content instantly. If you would like to know more about this option we recommend that you first start by uploading content for moderation by APO editors then once you know what is involved contact the APO editorial team at editor@apo.org.au to discuss becoming a trusted contributor.