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What does APO stand for?

What does APO stand for? 

As well as supporting discovery and access to policy research, collecting and managing the public knowledge commons and improving the use of evidence in public policy, APO stands for Australian Policy Online. But not for very much longer! We have a fantastic collection of Australian policy and practice resources, but we also have a growing New Zealand collection and a large number of reports and papers about, and from, the US, UK, the European Union, Canada, Africa, Asia and the Pacific and beyond. Plus global issues such as digital technologies, climate change, migration, security and trade, just to name a few. So while we remain APO we have chosen some new words for what these letters stand for: Analysis & Policy Observatory.

The term 'observatory' is used in many countries to refer to a kind of clearing house, subject repository or information service that curates and produces knowledge resources on various issues or for a particular purpose.  We think it is the perfect word for what APO is all about. 'Analysis' and 'Policy' help indicate the diverse nature of APO's content - reports, briefings, reviews, evaluations, data and statistics, essays, conference papers, journal articles, and even books. 

All this is brought together under our new name and new logo designed by Webplace

The logo and name will be live online in April when we upgrade the database and install the new visual design which we have been working on over the last few months. 

If you currently have an APO logo or name on your site it would be great if you can update this once we go live. We will provide a page in the About section of the APO website with logos you can download. 

We hope you like our new look and we hope that it will inspire new ideas about how we can work together. Thanks to everyone who has helped with the consultation process. 

The APO team