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Driving economic independence through strong Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander enterprises and practical employment strategies

Despite several efforts to close the gap, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people continue to face significant economic disadvantage. To this date, little progress has been made, and there’s a pressing need for positive change.

The rate of the Indigenous labour force is unacceptably low; Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people at a work-ready age are almost four times as likely to be unemployed and are also less likely to be self-employed.

According to the Indigenous Economic Development Strategy; Indigenous Australians are half as likely to finish Year 12 compared to non-Indigenous Australians.

As recent research by The Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy Research has also found that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employers are more likely to hire other Indigenous Australians; Indigenous entrepreneurship is vital to growing and sustaining Australia’s Indigenous economy.

Akolade’s 4th National Indigenous Economic Development allows for leaders across sectors and across the nation to come together and learn from successful case studies. The forum will examine strategies that strengthen Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses and communities, create sustainable job opportunities and develop effective pathways into sustainable employment.

Key benefits of attending:

  •    Sustain and grow Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses to improve economic outcomes
  •    Make the best use of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander land and its resources for economic advantage
  •    Establish economically beneficial and collaborative partnerships
  •    Attract, recruit and retain Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees
  •    Create pathways into sustainable employment

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