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Professor Mark Sanderson is the Discipline Head of the Information Storage Analysis and Retrieval group in the School of Computer Science and Information Technology. He is a researcher in information retrieval and works on the evaluation of search engines, summarisation, geographic search and log analysis.




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18 Dec 2017

What kinds of data sources, tools and platforms do we have available, what is the value and the challenge of data and new sources of information, what do we need and what is coming down the line that can help support better policy making, citizen...

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Introduction. Evaluation is highly important for designing, developing and maintaining effective information retrieval or search systems as it allows the measurement of how successfully an information retrieval system meets its goal of helping users fulfil their information needs. But what does it mean to...

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In this paper we present results from an investigation of religious information searching based on analyzing log files from a large general-purpose search engine. From approximately 15 million queries, we identified 124,422 that were part of 60,759 user sessions. We present a method for categorizing...

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This paper describes a brief history of the research and development of information retrieval systems starting with the creation of electromechanical searching devices, through to the early adoption of computers to search for items that are relevant to a user's query. The advances achieved by...

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We present a study of which baseline to use when testing a new retrieval technique. In contrast to past work, we show that measuring a statistically significant improvement over a weak baseline is not a good predictor of whether a similar improvement will be measured...

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