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16 Jan 2018

This independent review of the social and economic impact of gambling in Tasmania examines he policy context and structure of the gambling industry, trends in gambling expenditure and government revenue, the economic footprint of the gambling industry, and reports on interviews with gamblers and affected...


23 Jan 2017

In the lead up to Australia Day, this survey asked Australians to reflect on our shared history and the nation-shaping events that have occurred in our lifetime, and to consider which particular aspects of our past are the most significant in terms of how we...

Research report

28 Oct 2014

Research conducted in June and July 2014 found strong community support for the services provided by Victoria Legal Aid.

More than 1500 people were consulted as part of the research, with 92 per cent of respondents agreeing that it was important or very important...

Research report

The Student Experience Survey (SES) is the only comprehensive survey of current higher education students in Australia. Around 178,000 first and later year undergraduate students from Australian universities and non-university higher education institutions (NUHEIs) participated in the 2016 SES. The survey is designed to collect...

Research report

The Employer Satisfaction Survey (ESS) is the first national survey that directly links the experiences of graduates to the views of their direct supervisors. The ESS is undertaken on a systematic basis by asking employed graduates who participated in the Graduate Outcomes Survey (GOS) four...

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