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Mike Dockery is Principal Research Fellow with the Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre. He also manages the Population Mobility and Labour Markets project for the CRC for Remote Economic Participation and the Data and Analysis program for the National Centre for Student Equity in Higher Education. Mike was previously a Research Fellow and later Director of the Centre for Labour Market Research, undertaking contracted research for a wide range of government departments and policy agencies.

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Research report

14 Sep 2017

This report highlights the broader role AFL can play in a community, by being the conduit through which community programs targeted at health and safety can be delivered, and the means through which communities can be brought together.

Research report

26 Jun 2017

This addresses an issue of central importance to Australia in maintaining economic growth, its sense of social justice and fairness and in creating as equal an opportunity as possible for all Australian children – education.

Research report

1 Jul 2005

Housing assistance (HA) interventions not only aim to meet housing needs they also aim to contribute to improved social and economic outcomes for individuals, families and communities.

Research report

Agreements negotiated under the regime created by the Native Title Act (1993) are often seen as having the potential to address disadvantage faced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians and promote Aboriginal economic independence. This applies particularly to regional Western Australia, where remote communities...

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