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11 Jun 2018

This report outlines why Western Australia would be an ideal home for the Australian National Space Agency, citing WA's geographic advantages and expertise in the space industry, which both align with the objectives of the Australian Space Agency.

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16 Jan 2018

This independent review of the social and economic impact of gambling in Tasmania examines he policy context and structure of the gambling industry, trends in gambling expenditure and government revenue, the economic footprint of the gambling industry, and reports on interviews with gamblers and affected...


21 Nov 2017

This report has been prepared for the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science (DIIS). The terms of reference for this work are set out in Appendix A. It was prepared before the announcement that the Commonwealth Government will establish an Australian Space Agency.


27 Oct 2017

This report outlines the findings from the independent economic impact assessment of a potential onshore unconventional shale gas industry in the Northern Territory.


26 Oct 2017

These slides illustrate the impact of energy efficiency improvements on the energy system, health and well-being, participant benefits and the overall economy.

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14 Nov 2012

There is a strong imperative for coordinated action to address current and looming skill shortages in the wider agricultural sector, writes Luke Condon for The Allen Consulting Group .


A recent Senate committee into higher education and skills training to support...

22 Oct 2012

In the current economic environment, identifying the impacts of government funded projects is important. Fiscal constraints and efficiency savings have put a strain on many government policies and programs and associated organisations, leading to greater focus on the demonstration of impacts by the recipients of...


13 Sep 2012

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Complex public policy issues often require collaborative responses that cross departmental lines. Examples of such issues include climate change, social inclusion, literacy and numeracy, and health inequalities....

Research report

1 Jul 2012

This study estimates the economic, environmental and social impacts of the Cooperative Research Centres (CRC) program since it commenced in 1991 and out to 2017. Nearly 120 past and present CRCs have contributed to the study.

Between 1991 and 2017 almost $14.5...

24 May 2012

The Allen Consulting Group's recent work looking at policy strategies to reduce indigenous disadvantage has highlighted the policy trend towards place based approaches. Policy interventions must generate solutions that address the concerns of local communities, and are attuned to the specific needs and capacity of...

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