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The Air Power Development Centre provides practical and effective analysis and advice on the strategic development of air and space power to the Chief of Air Force, the Royal Australian Air Force and its partners.

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10 Dec 2018

The development of modern air power is faced with a fundamental challenge, since the future is uncertain and air forces need a long lead-time to build. Much effort and significant resources could be expended, with no assurance that an air force so built will be...


26 Mar 2018

Artificial intelligence technologies will disrupt warfighters and warfighting, ushering in algorithmic warfare and irrevocably changing our operational art and the character of war.

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30 Sep 2016

The fifth Chief of Air Force Occasional Paper examines the key issues associated with contemporary armed unmanned aircraft. Such aircraft are programmed for acquisition in the 2016 Defence White Paper. The paper was written both to inform the debate on the utility of such capabilities...

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