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19 May 2013

Those with severe mental illness like schizophrenia have a 15–20 years lower life expectancy than the general population. Rapid weight gain associated with the side effects of medication often leads to a higher incidence of illnesses such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. We hear the...


2 Mar 2011

A little tension keeps us on our toes - we're biologically primed for it. But 'toxic' stress makes us physically sick, and powerful research is now revealing its potent impact on our developing bodies and brains.

Natasha Mitchel interviews (W. Thomas) Tom Boyce ,...


10 Sep 2010

Climate change is on and off the political agenda in Australia. Whether an emissions trading system or a carbon tax win the day, one big barrier stands in the way of change: human nature. How we think about the problem can trump what...


18 May 2009

Confronting research suggests acquired or traumatic brain injuries - past and recent - are rife in prison populations, with little to no screening or targeted interventions in place.

Impulsive behaviour, anger, mood swings, poor concentration, memory loss. A knock to the head that qualifies...

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