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28 Nov 2016

Children and young people in out of home care deserve a good education. Yet although many do well at school, others have poor educatonal outcomes. At the same time research clearly demonstrates that when foster carers support education and learning it can have a significant...

Research report

10 Oct 2014

Natural support networks, such as through friends, family and neighbours, are an important part of treatment for mental health issues.


Building a Good Life: the role of natural supports in recovery from mental illness provides an overview of findings from...

Research report

22 Nov 2013

This report documents the experiences of 47 parents who have been involved with Tasmania’s Child Protection Service. It also covers the experiences of over 140 frontline workers employed by 40 different non-government services (NGOs) that have provided support to these parents. In addition, the research...

Research report

22 Nov 2013

This report provides a review of international and national models of engagement, support and advocacy for parents who have contact with child protection systems. How statutory child protection systems engage with parents ultimately affects the outcomes for children, including safety, permanency and wellbeing. While social...

Research report

26 Jun 2012

This report describes a demonstration project involving consumers in research that contributes towards developing services.

In 2010 Anglicare Tasmania began a process to build on current consumer participation activities by developing an organisation-wide consumer engagement strategy led by its Social Action and Research Centre...

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