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Discussion paper

1 May 2017

This discussion paper attempts to provide some insight into the creation of two new provinces in Papua New Guinea (PNG) in 2012.

Research report

27 Apr 2017


Once again, Trump has broken the mould. The 100-day mark is traditionally used to assess a new administration’s progress in advancing its policy agenda. With Trump, that’s impossible. In foreign policy at least, it’s more appropriate to ask whether at the 100-day...

Briefing paper

26 Oct 2016

This In Brief highlights local ni-Vanuatu support structures initiated through workers’ participation in Australia’s Seasonal Worker Program (SWP) and New Zealand’s Recognised Seasonal Employer Scheme (RSE). It draws on recent interviews with workers, families, recruiters, leaders, chiefs and a support group in Vanuatu. In May...

Briefing paper

7 Jun 2016

This In Brief reports on research undertaken in Bougainville in October 2015 (Eves and Crawford 2014).1 Unlike previous studies, this research specifically explored the relationship between women’s economic empowerment and violence against women through in-depth qualitative interviews. Interviewees included business women in the urban context...

Research report

21 Mar 2016

Argues that the initial mid- 1970s establishment of provincial governments as forms of decentralised authority has been misunderstood.

Summary This Discussion Paper argues that the initial mid- 1970s establishment of provincial governments as forms of decentralised authority has been misunderstood. Anthony Regan, to...

Research report

16 Dec 2015


On 13 November 2015, a closed-session roundtable was held at University of Yangon’s Department of International Relations in collaboration with The Australian National University’s Myanmar Research Centre. The session was attended by over 30 foreign and Myanmar scholars, journalists and electoral advisors...

Audio program

10 Nov 2011

In recent years Australia has taken a leading role in national, regional and international non-proliferation and disarmament, in particular through the Non-Proliferation Treaty review conference in May 2010 and the International Commission on Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Disarmament (ICNND).

This seminar addresses three key themes...

Audio program

3 May 2010

Microsoft lawyer Jeff Bullwinkel outlines the issues that will affect all users of the internet as information is located more often on third party servers.


28 Jan 2010

Capturing the Year 2009 represents the fourth time the ANU College of Asia and the Pacific has published an annual selection of the best journalism of its scholars.

Their expertise ranges from archaeology, linguistics and history to economics, political science and security...

Audio program

27 Nov 2009

Scholars of East Asian international relations diverge over how politically integrated the region is; whether it is becoming politically more integrated, and to what extent the degree of political integration matters for regional peace and stability.

The argument of this paper is...

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