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The ARC Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation (CCI) was established in 2005 to focus research and development on the role the creative industries and their contributing disciplines make to a more dynamic and inclusive innovation system and society.

With core support from the Australian Research Council from 2005-13, the centre has been acknowledged as a global leader in this emerging field.  It was a broadly based, cross-disciplinary, internationally focused centre embracing both fundamental theoretical, and highly applied, research in media, cultural and communication studies, law, education, economics and business and information technology, addressing key problems and opportunities arising for Australia, the Asian region, and more broadly in the world, from innovation in and through the creative economy.

The Centre played a significant role in theoretical and strategic debates with academic, policy, and industry interlocutors, as well as working extensively on new empirical and technical methodologies, including, for example, the creation of new statistical approaches to measuring the creative economy, business intelligence services for creative enterprise, and ethnographic action research.

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31 Dec 2014

This report presents findings from the third survey of the Australian component of the World Internet Project. The survey was conducted in late 2013.

This research is a project of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation at the Swinburne Institute...


2 Apr 2014

This symposium was an in-depth exploration of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation's (CCI) influence, impact and contributions since 2005, as well as its ongoing agenda.

CCI engaged with academic colleagues and industry, government and community partners to reflect on...


1 Jan 2014

This study of online retail in Australia from 2007-13, part of the World Internet Project (WIP) reveals a consistent pattern of large increases in the number of online purchases made by Australian consumers, reaching an average expenditure of $2616 a year in 2013.



15 Dec 2013


Youthworx is a successful model of a practical, community-based, cross-sector response to the problem of youth marginalisation and social exclusion. It combines professional expertise, networks and material resources across social service delivery agencies (Salvation Army and Youth Development Australia (YDA)), youth-run community...

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12 Nov 2013

The co-creation of cultural artefacts has been democratised given the recent technological affordances of information and communication technologies. Web 2.0 technologies have enabled greater possibilities of citizen inclusion within the media conversations of their nations. For example, the Australian audience has more opportunities to collaboratively...

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19 Aug 2010

What does the Australian census tell us about how artists earn their living?

Comparatively speaking, today we live in a statistical paradise, with local and global data on just about any aspect of the production, distribution and consumption of culture. The data capture, mining...

7 Dec 2009

The concept of creativity needs to be simplified argues Stuart Cunningham .

Creativity is today’s ultimate black box ‑ a Rorschach blot onto which there are projected innumerable meanings. When academic Richard Green reviewed the literature recently, he found so much variation that he...



7 Aug 2006

Lost in the current debate on Australia’s nuclear industry has been our prominent role in the development of what is clearly a more desirable option, electricity generation using solar cells. Solar or photovoltaic cells have powered small systems in the outback since the 1970s, following...

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