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9 Apr 2014

Australia’s corporate strategists and national economic planners are mesmerised by what they believe will be rich pickings from the growth of Asia’s middle class. But while the population estimates of Asia’s emerging middle class are impressively large, their disposable incomes are not.

Asia’s increasing...

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3 Dec 2013

The extraordinary growth in Asia, particularly over the last five years, has focused government at all levels on the policy implications for Australia. It is broadly acknowledged that cultural engagement is a crucial pathway for developing and deepening Australia’s relationship with Asia.

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7 Nov 2013

Engagement with sub-national governments in Asia, including by Australian sub-national governments, will be fundamental to enhancing Australia’s prosperity and wellbeing in the Asian Century. To understand why, we need to understand how sub-national jurisdictions work in Asia.

Extract: The reality is...


6 May 2013

As Asia is transformed through strong economic growth and rising incomes, AusAID is changing the way it does business. There are millions of poor people in Asia but many now live in fast-growing, middle-income countries. AusAID is finding ways to leverage the successes of these...


29 Jan 2013

We are now in what is widely known as the Asian Century. Within this context, the transformation of healthcare is one of Asia’s greatest challenges but also one of its greatest opportunities. However Asia is a vast heterogeneous region, and includes countries with varying systems...


29 Jan 2013

When a music video produced by a locally familiar but internationally obscure figure from Gangnam, Seoul, becomes a global craze – now the most-watched YouTube video in history with more than 800 million views – this tells us something about the modern South Korea....

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12 Sep 2012

This Asialink report helps illustrate the important role Asian economies hold in creating a strong and profitable future for Australian businesses.

Collectively, Asian economies are the world’s largest and fastest growing, and they represent a major opportunity for Australian business. Asia’s share of...


16 Aug 2012

John Buckley, formerly Australia's Ambassador for People Smuggling Issues, stresses that Australia cannot cope with irregular migration on its own.

Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand are already particularly important in controlling the flow of asylum seekers to Australia, but receive very little credit. As the...


18 Jul 2012

With the government's White Paper on 'Australia in the Asian Century' imminent, Anthony Milner argues Australia must focus on more than our US alliance and China.

We have never been a mere 'deputy sheriff' and this needs to be made especially clear today. Closer...


26 Apr 2012

Aung San Suu Kyi’s participation in by-elections for Myanmar’s new parliament, her sweeping win, and the government’s endorsement of the result have completed a sea-change in the country’s politics – and as a result, its relations with the Western world including Australia.

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