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21 Nov 2017

Australia's Agricultural Industries 2017 map provides a snapshot of agriculture's status and trend.

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16 Nov 2017

This report looks globally for innovative approaches that can serve as a resource for policymakers to meet emerging challenges in a highly contested public policy landscape.


29 Sep 2017

This report provides an independent evaluation of the biological and economic status of fish stocks managed solely or jointly by the Australian government.

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1 Mar 2016

In his opening address to the ABARES Outlook 2016 Conference, the Hon Barnaby Joyce MP, outlines a report card on what has been done, and a plan for the future in relation to Australia's agricultural sector.

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18 Oct 2013

This report outlines a framework of the overall process of prioritising targets for biological control and includes a decision support tool that enables policy makers to determine whether biological control is a suitable option for a proposed target species.


Establishing effective...

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18 Oct 2013

This report proposes a Centre for Land Use and Land Resources to conduct an Australian program of work on agricultural land use and food security analysis, linked to international efforts.


Internationally, food security and the sustainability of productive land resources have...

Research report

11 Oct 2013

This report shows that an outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease in Australia is expected to generate very large adverse economic impacts to both producers and other industries inside and beyond the outbreak area; with financial losses and eradication activities also having social impacts....

Research report

11 Oct 2013

This report provides the latest available information on national land use and land use change in Australia.


Land use describes the purposes assigned to land. It refers to the purpose for which the land is committed. It is fundamental to understanding...

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6 Mar 2012

One postive to come out of the floods ravaging Eastern Australia is that with heavy rainfall, comes large increases in agricultural growth and productivity. This report by ABARES details these findings and the future benefits.

World economic growth is assumed to moderate to 3.5...

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23 Sep 2008

The paper examines some of the projected changes in Australian climate and their potential impacts on Australian agricultural production and exports. It provides a brief discussion of potential adaptation and mitigation options and strategies available to the Australian agriculture sector to respond to climate change....

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