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1 Jan 2011

Provides estimates of financial and economic performance of various fisheries.

This resource provides a wealth of publications on regional issues, including specific reports relating to economics of fishing in Queensland. As a collection, these publications provide valuable information on a regional industry.

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1 Jan 2010

This quarterly report provides: - up to date national mineral statistics on production, trade and policy - indexes and graphs of Australian mine production and export prices - a graphical summary of mineral exports.

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1 Jan 2007

This report provides an overview of current and future drivers of structural adjustment for Australia's agricultural industries. It describes the ways these adjustment pressures impact on the rural and regional sectors, and options for farmers to manage these changes. The report also provides some preliminary...


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11 Oct 2013

This report shows that an outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease in Australia is expected to generate very large adverse economic impacts to both producers and other industries inside and beyond the outbreak area; with financial losses and eradication activities also having social impacts....

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11 Oct 2013

This report provides the latest available information on national land use and land use change in Australia.


Land use describes the purposes assigned to land. It refers to the purpose for which the land is committed. It is fundamental to understanding...


1 Jan 2013

The Australian fisheries statistics 2012 report contains data on the volume and value of production from state, territory and Commonwealth commercial fisheries (both wild catch and aquiculture). It also includes data on the volume and value of Australian fisheries trade, by destination, source and product....

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6 Mar 2012

One postive to come out of the floods ravaging Eastern Australia is that with heavy rainfall, comes large increases in agricultural growth and productivity. This report by ABARES details these findings and the future benefits.

World economic growth is assumed to moderate to 3.5...

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1 Jan 2012

This report provides a detailed profile of the financial performance of farm businesses in the grains, livestock and dairy industries in the years 2009-10 to 2011-12. These industries include 68 per cent of farm business units in Australia.

The report also includes analysis of...

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