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15 Nov 2016

President elect Trump has promoted a big infrastructure program to revitalise the American economy. So, Australia and the US have a lot in common for now.

Unlike Australia, the US has been a miserly spender when it comes to public infrastructure. As a result...



17 May 2016

Demands by the government that Labor fully account for how it will fund its policy promises are set to intensify with the release on Friday of the true state of the federal budget.

The Pre-election Economic and Fiscal Outlook (PEFO) will be released by...



11 May 2016

The National Party has distanced itself from the Coalition's key economic campaign message because it is frightening many of its voters who are clinging to jobs in the so-called "old economy."

Multiple sources said the junior Coalition partner had decided to shun the official...


28 May 2015

How far is Australia from Greece? Pretty far, but, sadly, they’re getting closer every day. Not because the Earth is shrinking, but because the Australian government is very gradually easing into Greek financial methods. Greece provides a brutal reminder of what happens when governments spend...

19 Aug 2013

There is a degree of resignation in higher education circles that the system of funding undergraduate university places according to student demand may be on its last legs.

This is not new. Hand-wringing about the sustainability of the so-called demand-driven system has been fashionable...

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31 Mar 2016

This article discusses calls by Senate crossbenchers for the government to broaden its focus on corruption beyond the construction sector trade unions have been supported by a new poll which finds almost two-thirds of voters support a national Independent Commission Against Corruption, or ICAC.

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