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Discussion paper

30 Jun 2014

Throughout Australia the native title claims of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are resolved primarily through negotiated consent determinations, whereby the court recognises native title following the agreement of the parties, rather than through contested litigation. Negotiations leading up to a consent determination often...

Research report

21 Oct 2013

Indigenous people in south-east Australia have developed strategies and theories around the allocation of cultural water and the broader notion of ‘cultural flows’ in response to two key triggers: the poor environmental health of the inland river country and the historic and contemporary failure of...

Discussion paper

30 Jul 2013

This paper explores the importance of evidentiary references to song and ceremony in land claims and analyses judges' reports to show how references to song and ceremony have figured in them.

The first section of the paper looks at how song and ceremony sit...

Discussion paper

20 May 2013

In recent decades, various forms of co-management of national parks and other protected areas by governments and Indigenous people have come to the fore. This has occurred as Indigenous peoples have progressively demanded greater access to and decision- making power over their traditional lands. The...

Discussion paper

27 May 2011

In 2002 and 2004 Karajarri had their native title rights and interests recognised to over 31,000 square kilometres of land in the West Kimberley, south of Broome. This is an area about half the size of Tasmania. Here there are pastoral stations, mining...

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