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21 Mar 2016

Executive summary

New sources of growth have become a policy priority for many jurisdictions following the sustained period of slow growth post-Global Financial Crisis (GFC). Governments are trying to grapple with the policy dilemmas of slow productivity growth, disruptive technologies, and population changes....

Research report

3 Mar 2016

Seeks to add to and strengthen the evidence base that exists around gender pay gaps throughout Australian workplaces.

Executive Summary The persistent gender pay gap is an economic, political and social issue. Gender pay gaps do not always signal direct discrimination, but remain...

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Research report

13 Apr 2018

This report examines the way in which the organisation of work is changing – from workforces to workplaces – and the implications of these changes for Australia. With alternative forms of employment, freelancing, and the gig economy on the rise, the traditional notion of holding...

Research report

2 Mar 2018

This third report in the Gender Equity Insights series extends and strengthens the evidence base around gender pay gaps and how these have changed over time across Australian workplaces.

Research report

6 Feb 2018

The focus of this project is specifically on adults with intellectual disabilities who have high support needs and experience almost complete exclusion from employment, much more than other disability groups.

Research report

1 Dec 2017

This tenth report in BCEC’s Focus on Western Australia series examines the important issue of costs of living in WA, and how real household living costs have changed in recent years.


Delivering innovative and sustainable housing
19 Oct 2017

This publication offers thoughtful perspectives on how housing demand, diversity and affordability have changed in recent years and the resulting need for more diverse housing delivery.

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