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19 Apr 2016

Australia's most senior public servant has criticised a failure of leadership within key departments and warned against "a lethal mix of arrogance and ignorance" capable of plaguing public policy.

Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet Secretary, Martin Parkinson, believes a wholesale cultural change is...


28 Apr 2015

The area most obviously in need of reform in Australia today is retirement income. From claims about unfair superannuation tax concessions, to assertions pensioners are living in poverty, and moves to restrict future growth in pension payments, the issue of what to do about...

27 Apr 2011

Note full resource has been lost.

Chris Bowen is sending a message to News Ltd that the media giant can call the shots, at least until ABC listeners complain, writes Jack Waterford in the Canberra Times

WE ARE back in the...

5 Nov 2010

Union influence on ALP policy is too weak to prevent spending cuts like those in Europe, write Rick Kuhn and Tom Bramble in the Public Sector Informant

CONSERVATIVE governments around the world are taking aim at their employees. They are shifting the costs...



16 Jul 2009

IT’S NOT OFTEN that an article in an academic journal makes you think about the world in a different way. But one such article appeared late last year in Prometheus , an Australian-based journal that publishes a wide range of research on science, technology and...

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1 Jun 2015

The National Work Experience Programme plan to allow jobseekers to do a part-time month of unpaid work experience might be a step in the right direction to get long-term unemployed into the job market. However, there needs to be safeguards to avoid abuse and maximise...

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