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30 Jun 2008

In the lead up to the 2007 Federal election the then opposition party announced that it would support the establishment of so called "GP super clinics". The aims of these clinics are to firstly encourage general practitioners (GPs) to practice in parts of Australia where...


25 Jul 2006

In Australia, health care spending accounts for more than 9% of GDP and is expected to rise. The health system is perceived as complex, uncoordinated, unwieldy and nonresponsive to individuals. An additional issue is that the health system is viewed as a drain on economic...


24 Jul 2006

The inter-relationship between private health insurance cover and hospital utilisation is complex. The current policy approach in Australia appears to rely on relatively simple models of the relationships between health insurance coverage, and public and private hospital use. There is considerable evidence of unexplained heterogeneity...


5 May 2006

Carol Propper reviews recent evidence, drawn from a series of case studies that have been undertaken on individuals employed deep into the traditional public sector – in secondary education, government administration and public hospitals – which shows that incentives schemes can bring about increased productivity...


17 Mar 2005

Over the last two decades the number and size of medical indemnity claims has soared, cover type has been restricted, premiums have become risk-rated and there has been a move from an unregulated system of mutual organisations offering discretionary cover to a regulated insurance market...

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30 Sep 2015


The Centre for Health Economics Research and Evaluation (CHERE) has been commissioned by the Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association (AHHA) to write two papers as part of the Association’s series on Pathways to Reform. The series will contribute to public debate during...

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