Centre for Sustainable Regional Communities (LaTrobe)

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23 Feb 2006

In the face of unprecedented change, many rural communities are rethinking the concept and implications of socio-economic development, and creating new and innovative responses to emerging political, social, and environmental conditions. Maureen Rogers and Rhett Walker discuss the nature and implications of this challenge and...


23 Sep 2005

Forty eight refereed (8408) and non-refereed (8408) papers from this recent conference are available online. The major themes of the conference were: economic diversity and the changing nature of rural communities; population trends and the implications for infrastructure, social and economic development, and land and...

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13 Jul 2005

In recent years, significant resources have been allocated to support the establishment of online communities, websites and regional web portals, which can foster community activities, interests and events in rural and regional communities. However, most initiatives fail to develop sufficient revenue streams or systems that...

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