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15 Jul 2013

Around two-thirds of students have reported incomes below the poverty line as student debt soars by almost 30 per cent in just six years according to the findings of the University Student Finances in 2012 report.


According to Universities Australia's comprehensive...


12 Jul 2011


The main findings of this report are based on the outcomes from the National Research Student Survey (NRSS) conducted in June 2010 across 38 of the 39 universities in Australia.

In total 11,710 Higher Degree by Research students (those enrolled in...


29 Mar 2010

This report is the fourth national study undertaken on the student perspective into the first year experience.

The principal purpose of this research is to provide information and insights for the Australian higher education sector that can assist in enhancing the academic and social...


7 Mar 2010

This paper looks at the human security of students who cross national borders for the purposes of formal study.


28 Jan 2010

This guide has been developed as a resource for teaching staff and course/subject coordinators who are considering integrating student peer review in their subjects. While the case studies and tools described in this booklet are specific to the University of Melbourne, the discussion has broad...

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