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7 Nov 2007

Executive summary:

The Work Choices reforms substantially altered the rules for making agreements. This report identifies at least 15 ways in which the legal framework has shifted the balance of bargaining power away from employees.

The introduction of a ‘Fairness Test’ purports...


1 Oct 2007

This report concludes that the new 'genuine operational reasons' exclusion, and other aspects of the regulation of economic dismissals introduced by the Work Choices legislation, have significantly reduced many long-standing legal protections of job security for Australian workers.

These changes, along with others such...


10 Jul 2007

This paper examines how far, and in what ways, overseas systems of worker representation are influencing the Australian debate. After briefly exploring the diminution of legal support for worker representation over the last 15 years, the paper contains a detailed analysis and comparison of recent...


10 Aug 2006

Corporate social responsibility is back on the corporate law reform agenda. From an Australian perspective, the evidence for this is found in the simultaneous but separate inquiries that, at the time of writing this paper, are being conducted into this topic by the Australian Parliament’s...

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