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30 Oct 2016

This book has been published on behalf of the Council for the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences.

CHASS promotes and supports the humanities, arts and social sciences (HASS) in Australia, and represents an important networking forum for teachers, researchers, pro- fessionals, practitioners and policy...

Discussion paper

22 Aug 2008

A paper by Professor Stuart Cunningham, President of the Council for the Humanities and Social Sciences, highlighting the issues to be discussed during HASS in the Capital, is now available from the CHASS website. At the meeting on 3 September, speakers and member breakout groups...

Research report

10 Jul 2008

Executive summary This paper discusses the contribution that the arts, humanities and social sciences can make to innovation systems and innovation policy by embedding design and creative practice in innovation.

Innovation policy is a major economic development strategy - a strategy that is...

Discussion paper

26 May 2008

Australia needs to encourage a new form of research that contributes directly to the formulation of policy in government, according to this report. Such research is initiated by the end user rather than the researcher. It is characterised by being strategically driven, problem oriented and...

Research report

12 May 2008

What implications does the new Government's innovation agenda have for people working in practice, in research and education, or in the cultural institutions? On March 31 CHASS ran a one-day workshop in Sydney to discuss how the Arts sector can respond to the new Government's...

Research report

8 Apr 2008

This paper, presented at a Council for the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences workshop to discuss how the arts sector can respond to the new federal government's innovation agenda, proposes that within the humanities and social sciences it is the field of design that best...

Research report

31 Mar 2008

The announcement of the Review of the Australian Innovation System in February 2008 presents those working in the Arts with a timely opportunity to seek an alignment between our Arts and Cultural policies and our Research and Innovation policies. But what might this involve and...

Research report

1 Aug 2007

Can the Commonwealth take over our universities? The key point is not 'can', but 'when' argues Greg Craven in this address to the National Press Club for CHASS.


17 Apr 2007

The ARC Federation Fellowship scheme has produced positive outcomes for researchers from the humanities, arts and social sciences, but its value could be enhanced.

Discussion paper

17 Apr 2007

Dr Robin Derricourt says one small modification to the research funding model could deliver major gains in impact and productivity for Government, universities and individual academics alike.

At first appearance the numbers seem stark. Government is investing more and more public money...

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