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15 Dec 2015

This report presents the findings of an assessment of 24 cultural development plans published by councils across Victoria, based on their alignment with principles in CDN’s Framework for Cultural Development Planning.


14 May 2015

This report explores ways the local councils in Victoria are contributing to reconciliation in their communities by using the arts as a vehicle. It focusses on the policies that underpin Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander arts activities of 79 councils, and finds that local governments...


28 Feb 2013

In May 2012 the Cultural Development Network and the University of Melbourne, Centre for Cultural Partnerships presented the Making Culture Count Conference with support from VicHealth and the University of Melbourne. This is the final report for the conference.

The Making Culture Count Conference...


20 Aug 2012

Using the case study of Singapore, this paper presents a simple methodological framework to evaluate how well a city is doing in harnessing culture's potential contribution to urban sustainability.

Benchmarks, Best Practices and Framework for Sustainable Urban Development

Research Objectives – To...

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Conference paper

23 Oct 2013

This paper presents results of a state-wide survey about cultural planning practices in local government across Victoria, reporting on breadth of cultural planning, amount of investment, policy influences in their development and planning processes.

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