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5 Aug 2013

Regular attendance at school provides children with opportunities to develop the basic skills for learning, and assists in the development of social skills including communication, self-esteem, teamwork and friendship building.

Attendance is a precursor for learning and onward skill development. Understanding how patterns of...

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2 Apr 2013

DEEWR , in collaboration with JBWere, has developed a report that establishes a foundation for understanding impact investing in the Australian context: what it is, why it matters, what is happening here and what could or should happen.

The report showcases examples in...

Research report

12 Oct 2012

This report summarises a number of initiatives undertaken across the Australian and New Zealand rail industry by the Australasian Railway Association from 2006 to 2008.

It aims to provide a clear view on what the rail industry collectively needs in targeted occupations over the...

Research report

3 Oct 2012

This audit report looks at the current access to high‐quality and affordable child care within Australia and the important factor it plays in a parent’s decision to remain in or return to the workforce.

There are a variety of factors which affect access to...

Research report

3 Oct 2012

In recent years a number of major events have influenced Australians’ work, personal, family and community lives. The global financial crisis commenced in 2007/8 and international financial markets have experienced continuing instability. The Fair Work Act 2009 introduced a number of changes to...

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