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24 Jan 2017

Global Kids Online is an international research project that aims to generate and sustain a rigorous cross-national evidence base around children’s use of the internet by creating a global network of researchers and experts.

The project developed a global research toolkit that would enable...

Research report

3 Nov 2015

This paper argues that Internet governance bodies give little consideration to children’s rights, despite growing calls from international child rights organizations to address their rights in the digital age. Typically, when children are acknowledged it is in the context of child protection while their rights...



29 May 2015

There may be many disagreements amongst UK politicians in the run up to the election but the one thing that they do agree upon is the importance of making sure the UK becomes a digitally savvy nation. It is worrying in this context that the...

Research report

6 May 2015

In the past decade, digital divide discussions have moved from discussions of use or non-use, to a more nuanced recognition of different types and levels of access, motivation, skills and Internet use in a discourse that centres around digital inclusion and inequality. However, there remain...

Research report

26 Aug 2013

Over the last six years there has been a major increase in online activity by children up to eight years old, a leading international internet survey has found.

The trend has prompted growing concern for children’s safety – and especially the risks they may...

Research report

1 Jan 2012

This report presents the full findings from a new and unique survey designed and conducted according to rigorous standards by the EU Kids Online network.

It was funded by the European Commissions’ Safer Internet Programme in order to strengthen the evidence base for policies...


13 Jan 2010

This UK paper considers the role of academics in current debates on media and cultural policy in the UK.

Although theories of the intellectuals differ widely as to what such a role might be, they point to a more general issue: the struggle for...

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28 Oct 2009

Media and cultural policies are shaped by the few with access to political power. What role can academics play in current policy debates?

Philip Schlesinger is director of the Centre for Cultural Policy Research at the University of Glasgow. This event was recorded on...

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