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30 Dec 2011

This report discusses society's growing reliance on mobile devices, looking at changes made to education methods due to the introduction of new technologies. From smart phones to tablets, these, now commonly owned devices have become so much more than just a piece of technology.


27 Jan 2009

The emergence of the networked information economy is unleashing two powerful forces. On one hand, easy access to high-speed networks is empowering individuals. People can now discover and consume information resources and services globally from their homes. Further, new social computing approaches are inviting people...


27 Jan 2009

As the impact of worldwide carbon emissions comes into sharper focus, college and university sustainability efforts are increasingly turning green, focusing on ways to use resources more efficiently, consume less, and reduce campus carbon footprints. Yet, despite the direct impact of IT on institutional carbon...

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2 Mar 2008

Creative Commons is an alternative to traditional copyright, developed by a nonprofit organization of the same name. By default, most original works are protected by copyright, which confers specific rights regarding use and distribution. This paper explains current developments in creative commons and the implications...

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