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4 Oct 2017

This report argues that the notion that large brands are dying is simply not true. Nor has the world fundamentally changed in a way that favours small brands over big.

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15 Mar 2014

Opportunity is growing for South Australia to cater for China’s desire for quality food and wine, unique and pristine tour destinations, and quality education resources – and, importantly, promote it to the Chinese leaders of tomorrow. However, there are significant impediments to these opportunities that...

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15 Aug 2016

While there is no shortage of worthy recipients for prosocial behaviour, there is a constant battle to attract and keep donors. This research examines money and blood donor behaviour for two key desirable groups, new donors, to grow the donor base, and frequent donors to...

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17 Feb 2016


Purpose - This paper attempts to draw a conceptual outline of how the market share – distribution relationship may be characterised in the wine category. The aim of this paper is to explain the potential contribution of future research in this...

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11 Dec 2015

Advertising is becoming more accountable. Creative decisions, though, remain very difficult to justify. Armstrong’s (2010) evidence-based persuasion principles are a landmark effort to bring together evidence to support creative decisions. In this invited commentary, we ask: “What does this test of the Persuasion Principles Index...

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