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28 Sep 2017

This report maps out how minimum efficiency standards for rental homes could tackle a long-standing problem, and create thousands of jobs in trades, services and manufacturing across Victoria.

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30 Sep 2016

The Latrobe Valley has a proud history of supplying the electricity that powers Victoria. But coalburning power stations are ageing and – responding to climate change – the world is moving rapidly to cleaner energy sources. In this shifting context, the Latrobe Valley faces inevitable...

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1 Sep 2014

The Victorian Coalition Government's systematic campaign against renewable energy has cost Victoria investment, employment and revenue according to this report.


Victoria is already experiencing the negative impacts of climate change. Our daily maximum average temperature has increased by 0.9°C since 1910,...

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15 Oct 2012

The Victorian Government has announced its intentions to undertake an allocation of brown coal from the Latrobe Valley in 2012-13. The Valley’s coal is abundant and cheap to mine, with probable reserves of 65 billion tonnes. Currently 13 billion tonnes of ‘economic’ coal in the...

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9 Dec 2011

After one year under the Baillieu Government, this audit assesses the delivery of their election promises on the environment and also assesses significant actions taken that were not foreshadowed prior to the election.

All in all the audit, entitled found that of the 57...

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17 May 2010

Victoria's high-polluting Hazelwood power station can be replaced as soon as the end of 2012 while maintaining energy security, cutting Victoria's greenhouse emissions by 12 percent and creating more jobs, according to this report.

The analysis finds that Victoria is in a fortunate position...

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6 Oct 2009

The 2009 Update of the Tipping Point report estimates that there are 234 million items of e-waste in or on their way to landfill.

The Report shows that a recycling scheme for televisions and computers would create 2,570 jobs nationally by the year 2015....

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10 Nov 2008

Victoria’s greenhouse gas emissions could be more than halved by 2020, according to this report. Pursuing emissions reductions of this order would provide a leadership example that could assist in breaking impasses in climate negotiations, while minimising Victoria’s emissions and carbon liability (under emissions trading)...

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