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31 Mar 2017

This report outlines the findings from a national study commissioned by the Australian government to determine the high-level factors that impact on the success and retention of students from low socioeconomic status backgrounds at regional universities.

The study found that the eight factors were:...


This thesis is submitted in total fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy
31 Mar 2016

This research explores how regional small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are making greater commitments towards sustainable practices.


30 Oct 2014

Executive Summary

This study develops a Regional Resilience Monitor (RRM) which will enable the measurement of changes over time in a number of key dimensions for the well-being of regional Australia. Resilience is defined as the capacity of a local community to respond...


30 Sep 2014

Executive Summary

This study develops a measurement tool to assess the economic health, human capital, social well-being and liveability of regional locations. The study is guided by developments in the professional literature related to measuring these four dimensions. Information was compiled from existing...

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Draft report

24 Oct 2017

This plan brings together social and economic development goals with conservation goals, guided by international best practice – UNESCO’s Historic Urban Landscape approach (HUL).


16 Aug 2017

Ageism isn’t the only barrier keeping older workers out of jobs (full article)

Governments internationally are pushing out the ages at which pensions can be claimed and influential bodies such as the OECD are pointing to the inevitably of longer working lives as...

Conference paper

13 Feb 2017

Resilience is about addressing vulnerability, not only by surviving a shock to the system, but also thriving in an economic environment of change and uncertainty. A robust conceptual framework is required to navigate through underlining elements of vulnerability. An evolutionary model of regional adaptive cycles...

Journal article

15 Mar 2016

The Visualising Victoria's Groundwater (VVG) web portal federates groundwater data for the State of Victoria, Australia, thus making legacy data, government datasets, research data and community sourced data and observations visible to the public. The portal is innovative because it was developed outside of the...

Conference paper

4 Dec 2015

The realities of subgroups of regional small businesses (regional-SBs) are essential for proper policy process but are under-researched. This study explores and seeks to reduce the aforementioned gap. Firm-and-manager-specific attributes of regional-SBs (drawn from a sample of 500 Australian regional-SBs) are evaluated to determine if...

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