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19 Jan 2016

This essay contends that the rejection of Indigenous Australians' right to self-determination does not attract the scrutiny it should.


Aboriginal affairs – once the subject of Australian innovation in policy and law reform attended to by the routine scrutiny of an...

28 Feb 2013

The demise of Gunns in the spring of 2012 was as much a psychological shock to Tasmanians as it was economic. Alongside cricket stars Ricky Ponting and ‘Boonie’, Gunns had become the best-known Tasmanian. On 25 September 2012, Gunns went into voluntary administration after its...

28 Feb 2013

NATASHA Cica sent me an email the other day reminding me I had agreed to do a two thousand-word article for her (this). She wanted to know why MONA is in Tasmania, and she thinks that you might want to also. I needed reminding; I...

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3 May 2012

In the past three years there have been urgent calls – by organisations ranging from the United Nations to the Queensland Liberal National Party to double food production by 2050 and feed a global population of nine billion. The corporate farm lobby, multinational food manufacturers...

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3 May 2012

A distinct Australian identity is developing in the west. It comes from the Pilbara as a product of the mining industry, along with iron ore and our ‘comparative advantage'. By propping up Australia's economy in hard times, the mining industry is shaping notions of what...

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