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30 May 2013

There is worldwide interest in artist residencies, and many government agencies are involved in supporting residency programs and/or the artists that take part in them. This publication reports on survey responses from the arts councils and ministries of culture from 18 countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium,...


31 May 2012

The Indigenous Arts Policy Forum held on 7 October 2011 showed that issues such as cultural maintenance, ownership, copyright, protection, promotion, funding and infrastructures are among the key challenges for Indigenous art policy development.

The Forum participants called for cultural policy responses that could...


4 Apr 2011

Supporting the international activities of artists and arts organisations is a key function for many national arts funding agencies. In order to investigate this area of arts policy and identify key issues that affect the programs and priorities of such agencies, the International...


26 Jul 2010

Arts advocacy is a key challenge, one shared by government agencies and arts communities around the world.

Based on desk research and responses to a survey distributed in August 2009 to the IFACCA network, this report provides a platform for the exchange...


27 Jan 2010

As part of the preparations for the 4th World Summit on Arts and Culture 2009 in Johannesburg in September 2009, IFACCA released a Discussion Paper exploring the claim that intercultural dialogue has become a new priority for arts and cultural policy makers around...

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